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Single Ply System

We work alongside Protan to provide homeowners, commercial businesses and industrial clients from across London and the Home Counties with the finest in single ply roofing systems.

ProtanSingle Ply Roofing

Suitable for flat, pitched or barrelled roofs, our single ply systems are ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects using mechanically fixed, adhered and ballasted solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Unprotected roofs are exposed to all of nature’s elements; sun, wind, rain, temperature variations and also pollution. Protan has given much consideration to their exposed roof solutions, providing not only resistance against the weather but also strength, thermal insulation and fire resistance.

Working together with Protan, we provide a complete technical service from concept through to installation and maintenance.

Our exposed membrane roofing systems can be applied to two systems of construction; a warm roof and a cold roof;

  • Warm roof construction:
    Warm Roof System
    Protan PVC single ply roofing membrane
    Vapour control layer
    A structural deck
  • Cold roof construction:
    Cold Roof System

    Protan PVC single ply roofing membrane
    Separation layer
    A structural deck

Protan single ply roofing systems have been developed to meet high standards of requirements, with proven durability of over 30 years.

While being quick and easy to install, our single ply systems can be installed in a wide variety of temperature and weather conditions, allow easy adaptation and can be applied to flat roofs as well as curved and pitched versions.

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