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Pluvitec - Plura Thermo Adhesive

We are an approved contractor for Pluvitec, one of the world’s leading waterproofing specialists.

Pluvitec Waterproofing

An ideal waterproofing solution for domestic, commercial and industrial works, such as flat and pitched roofs, vaulted roofs and terraces; Pluvitec is the latest innovation in the field of waterproofing combined with insulation as a continuous roofing system.

Our Pluvitec roofing system is essentially a prefabricated membrane with differentiated waterproofing masses, specifically designed for use on heat-sensitive insulation boards or a flammable substrate, such as PSE or wooden decks.

Approved InstallerAside from the reduced application time, our Pluvitec roofing systems offer a number of advantages. Able to be fitted on heat-sensitive insulation boards and wooden decks, our systems can prevent thermal bridging and safely and economically reclaim asbestos cement roofs.

To recap, Pluvitec systems offer a number of benefits:

  • Can be used on heat-sensitive insulation boards
  • Can be used on wooden decks
  • Reduced application time, as both the vapour barrier and insulation are applied with a one torch application
  • Waterproofing an insulation materials avoiding thermal bridging which may happen with insulation's directly coupled with polymer bitumen waterproofing membranes
  • Speedy installation of underlay and cap-sheet, the two membranes are applied with one torch application, the first layer does not require torching of the lower face
  • Double layer systems perfectly bonded to the substrate without risks of discontinuity of the adhesion.
  • Application on timber substrates as an under tile membrane avoiding direct contact between the flame and the substrate
  • Reclamation of asbestos cement roofs using a safe and economically advantageous system especially when comparing with prefabricated panels
  • PLURA THERMO AD maintains its thermal adhesion properties after application by con­tinuing to adhere to the substrate due to its special compound
  • PLURA THERMO AD VIADUCTS (5mm) provides a quick and easy installation for brid­ge & viaduct waterproofing ensuring a fully bonded application
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