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Liquid Systems

Liquid RoofingAs high quality roofing specialists, we have access to some of the finest materials and equipment from many of the world's leading manufacturers. Our liquid roofing systems are no different.

Designed to seal your roof and protect it against leaks, the damaging effects of rain and weathering and permanent ponding water, our liquid roofing systems are ideal for a wide variety of locations and applications.

Installed to meet current building regulations and British Standards, our liquid roofing systems offer a reliable, cost effective and attractive alternative to many other roofing systems on the market and are proven to get results.

We supply and install two of the world's very best liquid roofing systems;

  • 3M Liquid Roofing
  • Gaco Roof Coverings

3M Liquid Roofing
Suitable for asbestos, felt, asphalt and single ply roofs, as well as gutters and flat roof areas, our 3M liquid roofing systems are very effective at protecting roofs from extreme weather and corrosion.

Able to provide effective waterproofing that saves commercial and industrial property owners from having to replace the entire roof, our 3M liquid roofing systems are ideal for maintenance projects and are available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any existing property decor and appearance.

Gaco Roof Coverings
Designed to protect, seal and repair existing roofs, our Gaco roof coverings offer excellent durability, colour stability and chalk resistance. To increase the protection of your roof, our roof coverings also feature exceptional chemical resistance.

Incredibly strong, our Gaco roof coverings stick to a wide range of surfaces and offer additional UV reflection properties to further protect your commercial roof.

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