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Green Roofs

As an approved contractor for Europolymers, we have access to the finest green roof materials and products, meaning a high quality and reliable roofing installation for your property.

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In this environmentally conscious society, green roofs are becoming more and more popular in the UK.

Green roofs are essentially a layer of vegetation, waterproofing and drainage elements that is installed on top of an existing or new roof system.

Our vastly experienced and professional roofers install two types of green roof:

  • Extensive – lightweight, affordable and low maintenance. Generally a mono-culture plant species, such as sedum, herbs or grass
  • Intensive – thicker substrate with load bearing applications

But why should you choose a green roof?

There are a number of reasons why homeowners and commercial businesses are choosing to have a green roof installed, including:

  • The increased burning of fossil fuels has increased the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide by 30%. As a result, we have a warmer and wetter climate
  • 15 of the hottest and wettest years in recorded history have occurred in the last 25 years
  • In England alone, an area in excess of 100 hectares of permeable land is lost every day to development
  • Globally the incidence of serious floods and storms are on the rise
  • The extremes of weather we experience now will be the norm in 2060. The extremes in 2060 will be the norm in 2080

Why not join hundreds of other homeowners and commercial businesses and have a green roof installed on top of your existing or new roof? You will be doing your bit for the environment while effectively protecting your roof and property from the elements.

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