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Bauder Waterproof Roofing System

One of Europe’s leading waterproofing membranes for incredibly low and affordable prices

Bauder Waterproof  RoofingAs one of the South East’s leading roofing specialists, we have access to some of the finest roofing materials available. We provide all domestic, commercial and industrial customers with waterproofing membranes from Bauder.

Bitumen Membrane WaterproofingCold Roof ApplicationGreen RoofsSingle Ply RoofsRubberised Liquid Membrane

Bauder are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and are widely acknowledged for product innovation and quality of service. They are always improving and advancing their Bauder range of products and provide the ideal commercial answers for every roofing project.

Their expert knowledge and experience of the roofing industry makes Bauder an ideal choice for waterproofing and roofing products and an exceptional partner for us.

Working alongside Bauder, we provide green roofs and flat roof water proofing systems that are a cost effective and reliable solution for customers. We use Bauder to create a constructed roofing project that looks and feels great whilst meeting and exceeding the expectations of the original specifications.

We provide homeowners and commercial businesses with a wide variety of Bauder products, including:

  • Reinforced bitumen membrane systems
  • Hot melt structural waterproofing
  • Liquid applied balconies, walkways and terraces
  • Single ply systems
  • Green roof systems
  • Sedum green roofs
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